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KH 80 DSP presented at NAMM Show, Anaheim

Sennheiser and Neumann Technology Recreate “Speakeasy” For Public TV

Fraunhofer TiME Lab – Equipped with Neumann Studio Monitors

KH 420 and KH 310 D
now presented at IBC in

KH 120 D now shipping

Auro3D demos at AES and HHI Fraunhofer Institute

Neumann has a demo room at ProLight and Sound

KH 120 used at Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Neumann are exhibiting at the NAMM show in Los Angeles 23-26 Jan.

KH 310 A reviewed in Recording Magazine

KH 310 A wins Resolution Award 2013

KH 310 A nominated for Sound on Sound Magazine Award 2014

KH 310 A nominated for Resolution Award 2013

proaudio.de positively reviews the KH 310.
Bonedo reviews the KH 310 with no negative points.

KH 310 A - ProSoundNetwork NAB Best of Show Award winner 2013.

Journey FOH engineer Jim Yakabuski reviews Neumann KH 120.

Neumann Studio Monitors bring 3D surround sound to the Victoria and Albert Museum's David Bowie exhibition.

Setting up Studio Monitors Guide published.

KH 310 A - 8” + 3” + 1” Three-way Active Studio Monitor shown at NAMM in Los Angeles.

KH 310 A - 8” + 3” + 1” Three-way Active Studio Monitor shown for the first time in Europe at Tonmeistertargung in Köln, Germany.

KH 310 A - 8” + 3” + 1” Three-way Active Studio Monitor launched at AES in San Francisco

At the UN, Neumann KH 120 Studio Monitors deliver superior midrange and truthful response for classical music producer Leszek Wojcik

KH 120 maintains sonic consistency in WWE's post-production environment. 

Sabino Cannone of MoReVox in Milano Italy uses KH 120 for his 5.1 system in his new studio.

Labrinth Makes the Earth Move in the UK with Neumann KH 120.

St udio Monitor Systems Product Manager interviewed by Audio Times, "Neumann: fundamental engineering principles within monitor loudspeaker design."

Mix Magazine: Neumann KH 120
Monitors Provide Precision and
Clarity for Mateusz Zechowski,
Classical Recordist for Yale
Sy mphony Orchestra

Ricky Skags, 14 time Grammy
winner, talks about Neumann< BR>products in this short video

Neumann exhibits 7.1 High Definition Audio at Pro Light and Sound using the KH 120 and
KH 810

KH 810 and KH 870 - Subwoofers with 7.1 High Definition Bass Management now shipping

KH 120 wins Resolution Award

KH 120 nominated for TEC Award

KH 120 nominated for Audio PRO Industry Excellence A ward

KH 120 nominated for Resolution Award

KH 810 and KH 870 Subwoofers with 7.1 High Definition Bass Management launched

KH 120 nominated for MIPA Award

KH 120 A - 5.25” + 1” Active Studio Monitor now shipping

KH 120 wins Par Excellance Award

KH 120 A - 5.25” + 1” Active Studio Monitor launched

New look website launched

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