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O 900 - Studio Subwoofer
Discontinued, Production from 2003 until 2011
General Description

The high-performance O 900 studio subwoofer is the ideal complement for the O 500 C studio monitor. Precise bass reproduction is achieved down to 17 Hz (– 1.5 dB). The 120 liter cabinet gives a high maximum sound pressure output with a flat frequency response. This is due to the ingenious enclosure design, as well as the use of uncompromisingly constructed drivers.
The O 900 can use the analog subwoofer output of the O 500 C and an external amplifier
(KPA 2220 recommended).

Block Diagram (Download)

 Extremely powerful studio subwoofer with two extra long excursion 12" drivers
 Bass reproduction down to 17 Hz
 Expressive, precise, accurate bass
 High maximum output level
 Bass extension for the O 500 C studio monitor
 Used with the subwoofer output of an O 500 C
Delivery Includes
 1x O 900
 1x Operation manual
 O 900 Front View

     O 900 Rear View

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