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O 200 - Active Studio Monitor
Discontinued, Production from 2002 until 2006
General Description

Professional nearfield monitoring
The O 200 studio reference monitor is designed for nearfield applications requiring extremely neutral reproduction and first-class stereo imaging. The O 200 is an excellent choice for smaller project studios, video editing suites and broadcast vans.

True-to-life sound precisely faithful to the original recording
Superb directivity, high-performance amplification, a sophisticated finely tuned crossover, and a carefully crafted enclosure with precisely calculated bass reflex ports - all these elements merge as one to produce uncolored sound with clinical precision across the entire frequency range.
Implementing a computer-designed wave-guide around the tweeter of the O 200 made it possible to achieve remarkably consistent directivity. It also minimized any drop-off in amplitude response out to ± 30° off-axis, resulting in a significant broadening of the sweet spot and improved spatial imaging. The low/mid woofer system, which is equipped with a 6½” (170 mm) polypropylene membrane driver, has been specially modified for use in this bass-reflex enclosure. Its self-damping is excellent, and due to its high efficiency it offers plenty of SPL reserves.
The tweeter system is equipped with a 1" (25 mm) titanium fabric dome and combines the transparency of titanium with the low distortion and even amplitude response of a fabric dome. An extremely low THD factor contributes to the impressive, richly detailed resolution provided by this driver. Both drivers are magnetically shielded, making placement of these speakers directly next to video monitors not a cause for concern.

Fine tuned crossover
The active high-pass and low-pass filters employed in the electronic crossover feature a slope of 24 dB/octave. A crossover point of 2.5 kHz and special frequency-compensation circuitry built around it help the O 200 achieve an unusually flat frequency response, particularly in the midrange area so crucial for the human voice.

First-class amplification
For the sake of maximizing the acoustic use of the enclosure volume and for improving ventilation, the electronics are located on the back panel of the monitor, and are easily accessible for service. Continuous power output is rated at 50 watts for each of the two drivers with THD+N under 1 %.
Short-term power reserves allow for a peak power output of 80 watts per channel and a peak sound pressure level of 110 dB at a distance of 1 meter in stereo operation. Integrated protective circuitry reliably guards against overloading the drivers and thermal overload of the amplifiers.
The O 200 comes standard-equipped with an electronically balanced input, or can be optionally ordered with a floating (ungrounded) high-quality transformer balanced input. Input sensitivity is adjustable to accommodate any output level from any device. The O 200 also includes a boost switch with which you can increase input gain by 6 dB.

Functional, attractive enclosure design
The enclosure is constructed of a high-quality MDF (medium density fiberboard) which inherently suppresses internal resonance. The O 200 comes in either a charcoal gray enamel finish or a dark gray nylon-fiber nap.
To protect the drivers from physical harm, the monitor comes with a sturdy plastic-coated metal grille mounted on the front baffle. The grille can also can be removed easily without tools.
Stand mounting is possible with the LH 26 mounting adapters, which attach to the M8 threaded bushings located in the side walls of the enclosure.
The insulating material that we have used to ensure the best possible acoustic damping was chosen for its health and environmental advantages.
Instead of fiberglass, which raises the concern of micro particles being expelled through the bass reflex ports, we use environmentally friendl y, unprocessed natural wool exclusively to ensure that there is absolutely no possibility of adversely affecting the air quality in the listening environment.


Use of highest quality loudspeaker
 Woofer system with polypropylene membrane driver for self-damping
 Precise bass reproduction via aluminum chassis
 Brilliant, low-distortion high-range reproduction via powerful 1" titanium fabric dome

Functional enclosure design
 Low-compression bass reproduction via self-damping bass reflex enclosure
 Homogenous baffle with no diffraction or fastening elements and excellent self-damping properties
 Low-resonance MDF enclosure with integrated waveguide
 Flexible mounting options
 Removable protective grill
 Other colors available upon request
 Magnetically shielded
 Advanced electronics
 Electronic protective limiter (not VCA)
 Integrated power and overload display
 Adjustable input sensitivity: 0 dBu, +6 dBu
 Four placement options for different locations
 High-quality transformer-balanced floating input

Delivery Includes
 1x O 200
 1x Front grill
 1x Power cord
 1x Operation manual
 Klein+Hummel O 200 Front View

     Klein+Hummel O 200 Rear View

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