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Pro X Sub S - High Performance Subwoofer
General Description

No Compromise 12" Woofer
 Aluminium die-casting basket
 Patented design with rear vented voice coil:
 higher maximum power capacity 1000 Watts
 lower power-compression
 Extraordinarily low-distortion bass-reproduction through extremly long linear voice-coil excursion
 Double side coated diaphragm:
 very low distortion
 high degree of self damping
 Exceptionally good ratio between inner and outer diameter
 Maximum sound pressure level 125 dB

Facilities for Different Operation Modes
 Integrated passive crossover, 12 dB/oct. slope
 Possibility to switch over to external active mode
 Optimum low frequency extension for the Pro X 5, Pro X 6, Pro X 12/80 and all RX models

Sophisticated Enclosure Construction
 Poor of resonances by means of numerous wall bracings:
 dry, impulse-proof bass sound
 linear, level-independant frequency response
 higher sound pressure level
 Poor power compression by generously dimensioned bass reflex ports
 Protection grille front side with acoustic foam
 Well transportable through 2 big sized metal grip caps and put back rear wall
 Adaptor for adjustable stand pipe SR 21

Delivery Includes
 1x Pro X Sub S
 1x Operation manual
 Pro X Sub S Front View 
 Version:Metal Grille Outside

     Pro X Sub S Rear View and Pro X 6 - System

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