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Pro X 5 H - Ultra Compact PA Loudspeaker
Discontinued, Production from 2004 until 2006
General Description

 5.5"/1" ultra compact design
 Extremely flat frequency response from 85 Hz up to 24 kHz (without any controller!)
 Exeptional low-distortion, neutral sound reproduction
 Very compact dimensions
 Automatic reset high frequency driver protection circuit
 Qualified for use in humid environment

Wide Range of Applications
 Use for theatre acoustic irradiation, fixed installations and conference rooms
 For voice and music reproduction
 As delay line
 Can be upgraded with the Pro X Sub S subwoofer
 Wide range of additional electronic equipment available:
Universal digital controller Pro C 24, FIR digital controller Pro C 28, power amplifier Pro A 2000 and AK 405

Optimal Directivity
 Precise directivity with diffraction-free horn
 Optimum dispersion angle (80° x 60°) for short-throw applications

High End Technology Speaker Chassis
 5,5" woofer with composite-sandwich diaphragm to avoid partials
 Reduction of mid range distortion by means of flux-compensated LF driver
 Low distortion bass reproduction through long linear voice-coil excursion
 Brilliant, low distortion high frequency reproduction by powerful 1" titanium/fabric dome tweeter

Progressive Enclosure Design
 Extremely compact cabinet from one tool mould
 Avoiding periodic resonances by use of LRIM (Low Resonance Integral Moulding) cabinet material
 Generously dimensioned bass reflex ports for minimum air movement noise
 Separate grilles for LF- and HF-drivers
 Wide range assembly accessories
 Standard colors charcoal-grey and white, other colors on request
 Reduction of standing waves in the enclosure through non-parallel walls of the cabinet
 Acoustic centers of the drivers are aligned on one plane
 Magnetically shielded

Delivery Includes
 1x Pro X 5 H
 1x Operation manual
 K+H Pro X 5 H Front View, 
 Version: anthracite

     K+H Pro X 5 H Front View (Version: silver and white), Rear View

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