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Pro X 15 - High Performance PA Loudspeaker
General Description

Advantages of a True 3Way System
 Drivers: 2" mid and 1" high frequency coaxial drivers in one common horn, 15" woofer
 Very flat frequency response from 70 Hz to 20 kHz (without controller!)
 Exeptional low distortion
 Very high sound pressure (135 dB SPL at 1 m)
 Reduced Doppler effect at important mid frequency range
 Reproduction up to 20 kHz without partial oscillations
 Rated power / absolute maximum power 650 / 1500 W

Optimized Sound Dispersion
 Precise sound directivity from 700 Hz with large 2" horn
 Ideal angle of dispersion (45° x 45°) for midthrow applications
 Perfect sound coverage when clustering
 No acoustic interference due to coaxial design of HF and midrange drivers

Two Operational Modes
 Full range operation with built in passive crossover
 Selection switch for passive or active operation
 2 way (low/mid-high) active operation with digital controllers Pro C 24 or Pro C 28
 Reliable protection circuitry for MF and HF drivers

State-of-the-Art Driver Technology of 15" woofer
 Extra strong die-cast aluminum basket
 Rear vented voice coil design for minimal power compression
 Minimum LF distortion through extremely long excursion
 Surface coatet cone meaning:
 reduced distortion
 high internal damping
 wheather resistance

Advantages of a 2"/1" Coaxial Design vs. One 2" or 1.5" Drive
 Lower LF frequency of midrange driver (700 Hz)
 Higher HF frequency of tweeter (20 kHz)
 Higher sound pressure levels and better continuous load capacity
 Less distortion

Intelligent Enclosure Design
 Flexible flying point mounting with ANCRA-JUNGFALK fittings
 No limitation for high stacking with flying points on sides
 Special enclosure design ensures minimum horizontal distance between clustered loudspeakers
 Homogeneous baffle design without diffraction edges
 Large rounded bass reflex ports avoiding air noises
 Sturdy metal grill protecting drivers, with option of acoustic foam behind or in front of grill
 Built in steel stand fitting, 35 mm
 Other colors optional, on request
 Front dimensions of enclosure same as subwoofer Pro X Sub L

Delivery Includes
 1x Pro X 15
 1x Operation manual
 Pro X 15 Front View

     Pro X 15 Cluster

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