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IS 62 - Installed Loudspeaker
General Description

The IS sixty two (62) loudspeaker is specifically designed for providing reinforcement in fixed installations where high sonic performance is critical. The IS 62 is designed to be used with the IS 122, IS 123 and IS 153 series loudspeakers in underbalcony and fill positions to provide seamless matched audio quality throughout a facility. Due to the exceptional low frequency extension of this loudspeaker it may be substituted for applications traditionally requiring an 8” or double 6” woofer. For stand alone reinforcement applications, the IS 62 is capable of high output and forms a complete system when coupled with a subwoofer. Use the IS 62 in any application where a compact cabinet is required to provide clear, precise sound. The IS 62 provides exceptionally linear pattern control through crossover making the loudspeaker perfect for critical applications including night clubs, auditoriums, houses of worship, performance halls, arenas and stadiums.

 Ideal for underbalcony and fill positions
 Optimized for reinforcement systems
 Timbre matched to IS family
 Compact and low profile
 Exceptional low frequency response
 Horn controlled high frequency
 Convenient fixed installation accessories
 Pair with sub for complete reinforcement system
Delivery Includes
 1x IS 62
 1x Operation manual
 1x Warranty card
 IS 62 Front View with Grille


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