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LH 26 - Mounting Bracket ( 501451)
General Description

Mounting bracket for wall respectively ceiling fastening or in connection with LH 29, LH 28 or LH 29 for fixing on tripods. Or in connection with SR 21 and LH 28
Color: black (RAL 9005)



Recommended for:
 freePORT PAS 400  (Mobile powered PA-speaker battery and/or AC powered)
 IS 62  (Installed Loudspeaker)
 O 200  (Active Studio Monitor)
 Pro X 6 H  (High Performance Compact PA Loudspeaker)
 Pro X 6 N  (High Performance Compact PA Loudspeaker)
 Pro X Sub S  (High Performance Subwoofer)
 RX 60 H  (PA Loudspeaker)
 RX 60 N  (PA Loudspeaker)
 TRA 100  (Mobile PA Loudspeaker)
 TRA 60  (Mobile PA Loudspeaker)



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