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LH 32 - Wall Bracket ( 501718)
General Description

Wall bracket, can be tilted horizontally and vertically, tightens with bolts.
Color: black (RAL 9005) 

Mounting Examples:

Mounting on a wall

KH 120 + LH 32 + wall

KH 120 + LH 32 + wall

Mounting Manual

Product Technical Drawing LH 32

Mounting Drawing Examples KH 120 + LH 32 

Product Selection Guide

Studio Mounting Hardware Matrix

Recommended for:
 O 100  (Active Studio Monitor)
 O 104/TV  (Studio Control Monitor)
 O 110  (Active Studio Monitor)
 O 110 D  (Active Studio Monitor with digital inputs)
 P 104 H  (PA Loudspeaker)
 P 104 N  (PA Loudspeaker)
 P 104 N  (Passive Studio Monitor)
 P 110  (Passive Studio Monitor)
 P 110 H  (PA Loudspeaker)
 Pro X 5 H  (Ultra Compact PA Loudspeaker)
 Pro X 5 N  (Ultra Compact PA Loudspeaker)
 RW 120 H  (PA Loudspeaker)
 RW 120 N  (PA Loudspeaker)
 RX 60 H  (PA Loudspeaker)
 RX 60 N  (PA Loudspeaker)
 TSA 10  (Sound Column)
 TSA 30  (Sound Column)
 TWA 10  (Column Loudspeaker)
 TXA 20  (TELEWATT Sound Column)
 TXA 30  (TELEWATT Sound Column)



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