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LH 65 - Table stand ( 503938)
General Description

Table stand with horizontal and vertical angling, and height adjustment.
Color: black.

Mounting Examples:

Mounting on a surface (desktop or floor)

KH 120 + LH 65 + surface

KH 120 + LH 65 + surface


Mounting Manual 

Product Technical Drawing LH 65

Mounting Drawing Examples KH 120 + LH 65

Product Selection Guide

Studio Mounting Hardware Matrix

Recommended for:
 KH 120 A G  (Active Studio Monitor)
 KH 120 A W  (Active Studio Monitor)
 KH 120 D  (Active Studio Monitor with Digital Input and Delay)
 KH 80 DSP A G  (Active DSP Studio Monitor)
 KH 80 DSP A W  (Active DSP Studio Monitor)



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