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LH 31 - Mounting Adaptor ( 501456)
General Description

Product currently out of stock.

Mounting adaptor for connection with LH 7, LH 8, LH 27, LH 28, LH 29, LH 33, LH 37 and SR 21 with LH 28.
Color: black (RAL 9005)

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Studio Mounting Hardware Matrix


Recommended for:
 O 100  (Active Studio Monitor)
 O 104/TV  (Studio Control Monitor)
 O 110  (Active Studio Monitor)
 O 110 D  (Active Studio Monitor with digital inputs)
 P 104 H  (PA Loudspeaker)
 P 104 N  (PA Loudspeaker)
 P 104 N  (Passive Studio Monitor)
 P 110  (Passive Studio Monitor)
 P 110 H  (PA Loudspeaker)
 Pro X 5 H  (Ultra Compact PA Loudspeaker)
 Pro X 5 N  (Ultra Compact PA Loudspeaker)
 Pro X Sub S  (High Performance Subwoofer)



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