DesignationProductArticle No.
Neumann Remote Control 
NRC 1505557
A simple hardware remote used to control the system volume, LFE gain, and bass management bypass. A standard CAT-5 (or better) network cable, available from third parties, is required.
Remote Electronics Kit 
REK 3505558
A kit to locate the electronics panel up to 30 m (90’) away from the loudspeaker cabinet. A standard 4-pole Speakon terminated loudspeaker cable, available from third parties, is required. Download Operating Manual
Subwoofer EtherCon Adapter 
SEA 1503911
Enables the connection of multiple subwoofers to a single remote controller: NRC 1 or any other source of RS-232 data. Up to 3 subwoofers can be driven off one SEA 1. Additional SEA 1s are required for larger systems. Standard CAT-5 (or better) network cables, available from third parties, can be used.